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Animal Artistry Taxidermy

Animal Artistry began in 1980 as a mid-life crisis. Disillusioned with my chosen career, I decided to try to do something that I really loved-taxidermy. Since childhood, I have been utterly fascinated with animals and with the concept of preserving their beauty. To that end, I tendered my resignation and put together a small studio in my garage.

Taxidermy Complete in 90 Days

I know there are naysayers out there that say it can’t be done – but the fact is, we have done this for nearly three years with huge success. We guarantee both the time line and the quality. Animal Artistry has been a leader in this industry in creativity and it is now time to lead in service and turn-around time.

Our Work

Whether you want a more traditional classic mount, or a dynamic custom display, we can do it! Our taxidermy catalog is a collection of some of the work we have done throughout the last 30 years. Pick a pose that you like, or come up with your own idea. Your imagination is the only limiting factor.



Taxidermy is an art form in every sense of the word. To that end, Animal Artistry was named and that has been our vision. Animals are more than trophies, more than scores in a record book, they are dignified, graceful creatures that even the primitives somehow wanted to preserve portions of to bring into their dwellings. Animal Artistry has been committed to taking taxidermy to a higher level. One that respects the animal and his habitat and brings the art of the animal into people’s homes.

Trophy Rooms

Trophy rooms are a major emphasis of Animal Artistry. We have taken trophy rooms to a new level. In the past, trophy rooms were simply a den of death, with severed heads hung on the wall, usually tightly cluttered. Our concept is to create a natural atmosphere that the animals lived in. To that end, we are designing rooms with higher ceilings, murals, reproduction trees, rock formations, water features, sound effects, all to the purpose that you not only see the trophy hunted but you see the environment in which he lived. Bringing that environment indoors is the focus of our trophy rooms.


Murals are an integral part of our concept of trophy rooms. Number one, they expand the room visually. Instead of hard walls, we now have vistas of Africa, North America, etc. We are even creating sky-scapes on the ceilings so that the entire room expands. In addition, each mural is site specific and transports the viewer to the different locations from Africa to the Arctic.

Bronze Sculpture

As a natural development of taxidermy, Mike began to create sculptures. It is simply an extension of the philosophy of the art of the animal. These sculptures are everything from small maquettes that sit on tables to monuments in front of football stadiums. Visit the Artistry in Bronze website to see the entire collection.
Elephant Reproduction


More and more we are able to do reproductions of elephants, hippo, crocodile and rhinoceros. These are highly detailed, carefully painted and in most cases cannot be discerned from an actual skin. We are also doing reproductions of antlers and horns, all of which are completely life-like.