Completed in 90 days!

leopard-90 day guarantee

You waited to get the trophies back in the States. Now it has been in the hands of the taxidermist over a year, maybe even two, and you still have not gotten your trophies back. The frustration is painful. We felt it was something we wanted to address!

Here is the problem – in most taxidermy studios, you will see rows and rows of horns and skins WAITING to be mounted. We have eliminated the waiting period and here is how:

    • When your skins come into our facility they are immediately sent to the tannery and are returned to us within 30 days.
    • During those 30 days, we are in contact with you regarding pose instructions, measurements, and deposits.
    • We keep an extensive inventory of taxidermy supplies – mannequins, eyes, jaw sets, etc.

As soon as your skins come back, we have everything we need to begin work, and your trophies go immediately into production – no waiting on a shelf!!

Once your project begins, we have highly skilled craftsman who specialize in different areas of the mounting process. Some are sculptors, some are preparing skins, others are finishers and others are habitat artists. By having these different specialized departments, we are much more efficient in each area of the mount. Your mount gets abundant love and attention, and it gets it immediately.

I know there are naysayers out there that say it can’t be done – but the fact is, we have done this for nearly three years with huge success. We guarantee both the time line and the quality. Animal Artistry has been a leader in this industry in creativity and I feel it is now time to lead in service and turn-around time. I am hoping it becomes the norm – life is just too short. You deserve your trophies while the memory of the hunt is still fresh – or, as one of my clients said “Before I die.”

It is a wonderful experience to get your trophies back in 90 days – place them in your room, call over your friends and reminisce about the hunt! Why wait?

We’re on top of the game!!


**90 day time line begins after deposit and pose instructions are received.

***Alligators, Crocodiles, Bison and Muskox are excluded from the 90 day guarantee due to excessive drying and processing times.